Juanito’s Assault For The Ages

Two-time Spain World Cup performer Juan Gomez Gonzalez (right), the tempermental Real Madrid winger better known as JUANITO, stomps on the back of Bayern Munich midfielder LOTHAR MATTHAEUS, who, ultimately, represented the Bundesrepublik Deutschland at no fewer than five different final tournaments of the FIFA World Cup in his career, in full view of Scottish referee BOB VALENTINE during the UEFA European Cup of Champions semifinal first leg match contested at the Olympiastadion on April 8, 1987.

Clearly not satisfied enough damage had already been done, out-of-control Los Blancos winger JUANITO stamps on the face of Bayern Munich midfielder LOTHAR MATTHAEUS as the match referee and another Real Madrid player fail to adequate deal with the dangerous situation during the 1987 UEFA European Cup of Champions semifinal first leg contested at the Olympiastadion in Bavaria. The 26-year-old had already scored one goal for Bayern Munich from the penalty spot when Juanito pounced and would net yet another Elfmeter against Real Madrid thereafter in the second half. West Germany World Cup midfielder ANDREAS BREHME, who also transferred with Matthaeus from Bayern Munich to Italian Serie A side Inter Milan in the summer of 1988, later confessed how surprised he had been that the jaw of his national team constituent had not been broken in the cowardly attack carried out by Juanito.

32-year-old Real Madrid winger JUANITO, who represented CF Burgos on the Spanish Olympic team at the 1976 Summer Games hosted by Montreal in Canada and also earned 34 caps while scoring eight goals for the senior national team, is escorted to the changing room at the Olympiastadion in Bavaria by Los Blancos back-up goalkeeper JOSE OCHOTORENA after being shown the red card in the 38th minute of the UEFA European Cup of Champions semifinal first leg match against Bayern Munich on April 8, 1987 … as a result of the outburst, Juanito was soon suspended from all continental competitions by the Union of European Football Associations for a period of five years.



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2 responses to “Juanito’s Assault For The Ages

  1. Matt

    Good Article… I am familiar with Juninito but thought he was Brazilian for some reason… I am a little nervous about today… but if an ok side like chelsea can beat Barca with 25 percent of possession… who knows what an explosive side like ours can do.


      Real Madrid played ALL their starters in the big La Liga match with FC Barcelona on Saturday and in contrast, Bayern Munich rested eight of their Startelf for their Bundesliga match with Werder Bremen … so, Bayern Munich should be a little more rested and ready to run hard on defense … I defintely think that Bayern Munich have far more firepower to counterattack with than FC Chelsea … The key is to stay disciplined and organized on defense but there is no question that Bayern should not just be looking to “park the team bus in front of their goal”