Updating Landmark ’39 Bruins vs Horned Frogs Battle

As far as the aforementioned “updates” to the articles on the 1939 UCLA Bruins gridiron campaign already posted at this blog are concerned, perhaps the most exciting, if only to the production staff here, would have to be in the category of individual statistics with respect to that very successful season; readers of this blog are encouraged to notice that the “Game Report” for the UCLA Bruins’ season-opening evening contest against the Horned Frogs of Texas Christian University now contains the individual rushing stats for first-year head coach Babe Horrell’s ball club :


Previously, eight of the “Game Reports” from that 1939 season already published at this blog had all contained the individual rushing statistics that were taken from the “California Daily Bruin”, the official school newspaper of UCLA. The individual rushing statistics for the Texas Christian University game, on the other hand, come from the Los Angeles Times. To date, the only remaining “Game Report” on display at this blog that does not contain the Bruins’ individual rushing stats would be the UCLA vs Washington tilt – although research in ongoing, as always.

Interestingly enough, Bruins right halfback JACKIE ROBINSON’s individual rushing statistics from the UCLA vs TCU game as reported by the Los Angeles Times mesh together well with the numbers that had been speculated upon in this previously published article here :


Meanwhile, on the subject of individual statistics of UCLA’s All-America left halfback KENNY WASHINGTON from the 1939 NCAA football campaign, this blog has already addressed the discrepancies that exist with respect to Washington’s season rushing total in this previously published article here :


To summarize, the three-way race between Washington as well as Michigan Wolverines left halfback Tom Harmon and Arkansas Razorbacks quarterback Kay Eakin for the 1939 NCAA Total Offense leadership was extremely close and, as a result, the American Football Statistical Bureau launched an immediate audit for the purposes of a ‘recount’ at the end of the regular season. As the proverbial dust settled, the UCLA Bruins star left halfback had his rushing total reduced and his passing total increased in order for the American Football Statistical Bureau to arrive at the official figure of 1,370 total yards that went into the NCAA record books. This is why Kenny Washington’s individual game rushing totals as listed in the individual “Game Reports” on display here at this blog cannot be reconciled with his season rushing total as recognized by the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

ABOVE PHOTO : UCLA Bruins quarterback NED MATTHEWS (# 55) paves the way for would be All-America left halfback KENNY WASHINGTON (# 13) during the landmark season-opening triumph over the defending national champions, the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs, that unfolded before 60,000 spectators at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on the night of September 29th, 1939.

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