Norway’s Nut-Case Communist Manager : Boycott Israel

Norway international goalkeeper ERIK THORSTVEDT takes a free kick for London-based Tottenham Hotspur during an English Premier League match at White Hart Lane in the mid-1990s; easily the best goalkeeper his nation has ever produced, the Norwegian was the back-up on the bench for Borussia Moenchengladbach against Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga match featured here in the “Turn Back The Clock 25 Years” piece coordinated to coincide with the annual fall event here in America.

As the regular readership would be well aware, the blog enjoys posting a multitude of photographs from the matches reported on and the world of football, in general.

The blog does not enjoy all the pictures of the anti-Israel banners in various stadiums across Europe that the Associated Press and Reuters love to regularly post on their wires all the time but, BETWEEN THE STICKS has remained silent.

When Inter Milan announced that the national flag of Israel was formally banned by officials at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro) in Italy for the UEFA Champions League match involving visiting English Premier League outfit Tottenham Hotspur — the blog remained silent.

Preparing for the slew of international friendly matches to be played today, the blog came across the article below involving the radical, self-admitted Socialist/Marxist and former member of the Norwegian Worker’s Communist Party (Arbeidernes Kommunistparti) — EGIL “DRILLO” OLSEN — the current manager of Norway’s national football team.

This time, the blog does not remain silent.


Among other things, the radical left-wing Socialist/Marxist national team manager of Norway, EGIL “DRILLO” OLSEN believes that all professional football players should be paid the exact same wages. (Erlend Aas/Scanpix)

October 13, 2010

From : NTB – (NORSK TELEGRAMBRYA – the leading news agency in Norway)



“Norway coach EGIL OLSEN believes that there is hardly anyone who can disagree in the usefulness of a cultural and academic boycott of Israel.

Drillo is among the first 100 people from the cultural sector and academia that have signed a petition with broad criticism of Israel and a call for a cultural and academic boycott.

The petition, which was launched on Wednesday, compared the situation of the Palestinian population to Apartheid-Era South Africa.

Drillo told NTB that he stands fully behind the text : “This is in line with 90 percent of the population. There can be many different ideas that the occupation is illegal and deplorable.”

Other famous people who supported the petition are musician MARI BOINE, restauranteur and musician JANUARY VARDOEN, music producer ERIK HILLESTAD, author GERT NYGARDSHAUG and musician ASLAK BORGERSRUD.

The petition urges artists, cultural workers and academics, staff and students at Norwegian universities, colleges and cultural institutions to refrain from any cooperation with similar Israeli state institutions and their representatives.

It turns out that there is no reason to believe any change in policy without pressure on Israel from the outside. At the same time, the petition says that ther is a need for contact with individuals and institutions in Israel who are ‘in open opposition to the Israeli government’s occupation policy.'”


What a joker, this Drillo The Communist Clown…wonder if he is related to the more well-known Bozo.

The blog is also curious to know how veteran Norway national team defender JOHN ARNE RIISE, who spent seven years with in the Premier League with FC Liverpool and had his paystub details leaked as well as published on the internet in October of 2007, feels about all professional footballers being paid exactly the same amount.

Riise, it was revealed, was taking home 82,413 English pounds per month at the time of the expose; having since transferred to Italy’s Serie A in June of 2008, the Norwegian defender with 91 caps and 13 goals for his country reportedly has a contract with AS Roma which pays the rate of 2.8 million Euros per year.

Why is it the blog believes that, if the radical, left-wing whacko Progressive manager of Norway’s national football team had his way — Riise would be in for a serious paycut…

…and outstanding, tolerant and peace-loving citizens in the world community such as MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD, the sixth and current President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, would be dancing in the streets?


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