Broncos Over Bruins By Ten, Boldly Predicts Berkeley Daily Gazette

DAN MCGUIRE, writing in his column, “FROM THE BEARS’ DEN”, that regularly appeared in the BERKELEY DAILY GAZETTE back in the day, boldly predicted on November 14, 1939, that :

“The eyes of a nation will be focused on the Santa Clara – UCLA game Saturday at Los Angeles’ Memorial Coliseum. The Bruins have their first chance at a Rose Bowl bid since 1935 and the Broncos, after a disastrous start, have whipped St. Mary’s, Purdue, Stanford and Michigan State in a row.

Having watched both clubs, we think a few remarks on their individual strengths and weaknesses are in order. In the first place, the best back on the Coast this fall is (UCLA Bruins left halfback) KENNY WASHINGTON, as the (University of California Golden) Bears will testify. Santa Clara has JIMMY JOHNSON, who is a triple-threat of great abilities but the Bronc must take a back seat the the terror of the (Pacific Coast) conference.

However, Washington will have a terrible time with the Santa Clara defense while Johnson will find that the Bruin line is weaker than forward walls of Purdue and Michigan State. The Broncos have a big, fast line and (center JOHNNY) SCHIECHL and (right end BILL) ANAHU are All-Americans in any book.

(UCLA fullback BILL) OVERLIN is a fair kicker but Johnson will outkick him. The Bruins fooled California with quick-kicks, something they won’t do against the boys from the Mission school. In fact, Washington (the lone safety in the Bruins’ typical 6-2-2-1 defensive formation) will have to play far back (from the line of scrimmage) in order to keep the Broncs from fooling him with a long punt.

We took in a Santa Clara practice last week. At that time, it didn’t take an expert to see that Broncs would have a letdown against Michigan State. They seemed to be fooling around and having a lot of fun instead of taking football seriously. BABE HORRELL’s (UCLA Bruins) team will be just unlucky enough to catch them when they’re at a psychological peak.

Washington won’t get far with (Santa Clara head coach) BUCK SHAW plotting his downfall. Shifting defense, butterfly defenses, sliding defenses — all will be used to stop Kenny … Give us the Broncos by ten points.”


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