Richard Nixon Remembered Washington-To-Robinson Well


(Associated Press photo – Sarasota Herald Tribune, Saturday, August 15, 1959)

“The best executed play I ever saw was in 1939 in the game between Oregon and UCLA … This perfect play was a long pass from (KENNY) WASHINGTON to a great athlete in football, track, basketball and baseball — JACKIE ROBINSON. Jackie caught it in the middle of three defenders from the University of Oregon. I remember as he trotted over the goal line he turned and grinned at his pursuers,” reportedly said RICHARD NIXON, the Vice President of the United States of America at that time, in a speech given to the Football Writers Association at a luncheon in Chicago less than a month before the start of the 1959 NCAA campaign.



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2 responses to “Richard Nixon Remembered Washington-To-Robinson Well

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    • Classic UCLA Bruins, Rediscovered

      I think its very noteworthy a famous/notorious historical figure was speaking in public about a great play made by UCLA’s KENNY WASHINGTON & JACKIE ROBINSON exactly 20 years after the Bruins vs Ducks game being discussed was actually played!

      Richard Nixon is the very first U.S. President I can remember from when I was a real little kid and I can definitely remember that he was known to be a keen football fan. I thought that was super cool. I also remember him constantly telling the Washington Redskins what plays they should use against their next opponents – I thought that was great, too.

      I definitely remember Watergate being all over the news all the time. I remember driving down the street with my Mom in her old Pinto and another Watergate report came on the radio. So told my Mom, “I really do not understand why the President can not find a good plumber to fix his leaks at the White House. No wonder eveyone wants him to resign!”

      My Mom almost crashed her car because she was laughing so hard …