Classic UCLA Football – All Aboard!


Although the modern college football fan might not be able to fully appreciate matters considering exactly how many NCAA games currently litter the multitude of various cable channels that are easily accessible on television in today’s world … there can be absolutely no mistake that things certainly were a little bit different back in November of 1939.

Oddly enough, 1939 just so happened to be the year that witnessed the very first television broadcast of ANY college football game ever. The history-making contest had come on September 30 when little Waynesburg College traveled all the way from southwestern Pennsylvania to meet national powerhouse Fordham University in New York City in a lopsided contest that was aired by the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) and reportedly available to only about 1,000 TV sets within a 50-mile radius of the metropolitan area. Less than four weeks later, the annual Homecoming Game of Kansas State University against the visiting University of Nebraska became just the second-ever collegiate gridiron football battle ever to be broadcast when televised on October 23, 1939.

Nevertheless, NCAA college football games being shown on television would not even begin to approach anything even remotely resembling the way things are today for many years thereafter. So, if you were living in northern California back in November of 1939 and wanted to watch the 19th ranked UCLA Bruins and star left halfback Kenny Washington take on your beloved Golden Bears at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, then either you have enough money to be able to afford an automobile but still have a rather long drive ahead of you. Or you will consider patronizing the convenient railroad services offered by the Southern Pacific Company.

(For the benefit of those who would be curious to know, the sum of nine dollars back in 1939 translates into $ 149.81 in terms of monetary value in 2014, according to the inflation calculator made available by the fine folks at


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