William B. Butz Bust

The WILLIAM B. BUTZ BUST permanently housed at the ALLENTOWN ART MUSEUM has a look at the official disclaimer here, which states that this blog is strictly intended for cultural, educational and entertainment purposes only and does not have any rights whatsoever to the photo above; admission here is free, commerical advertising is non-existant and all rumors that this site is being run by the former directors in charge at Fernsehen der DDR are completely false.

For those unfamiliar with local history here in the Lehigh Valley, it is a certain WILLIAM B. BUTZ who is hailed as the founder of the ALLENTOWN ART MUSEUM. It was now almost thirty years ago when a magnificent bust of the man who was “longtime president, honorary chairman, pioneer, wise counselor and generous friend of the Allentown Art Museum”, as the inscription that accompanies the sculpture, was unveiled at the museum’s 25th anniversary gala celebration held on April 13, 1984. The celebratory event in the Kress Gallery was attended by about 250 people including the great visionary Butz, himself, who would pass away at the ripe old age of eighty-four a mere twenty-nine months later.

At the time, the bust was lauded by its creator, prominent local sculptor KAREL MIKOLAS, as “the best male portrait I have done in my twenty-five years of experience.”


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