Gonna Get Me Some Mikolas

These two particular nine-inch pieces entitled “TWO FRIENDS” and “SINGLE FIGURE SCULPTURE”, respectively, are only just a sampling of the carefully crafted works from Czech-American sculptor KAREL MIKOLAS that happened to be available to the public in conjunction with the celebratory 25th Annual Art Auction of The Baum School Of Art in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

In case the cat had any curiosity with respect to hammer prices, the “Single Figure Sculpture” from Karel Mikolas went for fifteen hundred bucks, according to the official website of The Baum School Of Art (www.baumschool.org). It was only just a few weeks ago, as a matter of fact, that the The Baum School Of Art held the twenty-eighth installment of its annual auction in the City Without Limits. For questions with regards to the Auction, information on consigning artwork or, perhaps, to get a head start on making reservations for next year’s event, please call Allentown’s The Baum School Of Art at (610) 433-0032.

baum3Artist-signed work from KAREL MIKOLAS entitled “Reclining Figure Drawing # 6″, charcoal medium, 18″ x 24”

Now, one does not necessarily have to idly sit by and impatiently wait for the annual Art Auction of The Baum School. Not with the “JOIE DE VIVRE : KAREL MIKOLAS / ANTONIO SALEMME” exhibit also downtown and open to the public through the end of this month. To arrange an appointment, please call the Antonio Salemme Foundation at (610) 433-4150 or email “salemmeart@verizon.net”.


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