In Search of … Good Shepherd?

“Visitors to the GOOD SHEPHERD in Allentown (Pennsylvania) are greeted by a bronze sculpture by KAREL MIKOLAS which captures the spirit and compassion of its former administrator Conrad Raker …” writes SUE KALAN of Harrisburg Patriot News (“A Century Of Caring” – September 7, 2007).

So I confronted my boss, if rather boldly, “C’mon, man. Every artist MUST have a ‘signature’ piece of work. Even people who don’t know anything at all do understand this is just the way it goes. It really is no different than professional wrestling – Jimmy “Supefly” Snuka has got to leap dramatically from the very top turnbuckle.

Thus, you certainly can’t just leave me to go around so blatantly ignorant and uncultured. Because I desperately need that big smashing bodycheck right there in the middle of center ice, the jaw-dropping one that makes people go ‘oooooh’ and ‘aaaaah’. I implore you once more — locally speaking, what is THE signature piece of KAREL MIKOLAS?!”

“Well, he has stuff all over the place.”


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