Bah! … It’s Being Worked On


Yeah, the standard, traditional Match Report for the 2012 UEFA Champions League Final between record German champion BAYERN MUNICH and Czech Republic goalkeeper PETR CECH, masquerading as an entire football team from England operating under the banner of FC CHELSEA of London, is being worked on to include all normal things here such as the ‘picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words Goal Gallery’.

Nah, not really with anything even remotely resembling any sort of commitment and / or energy, however.

It is believed that das Spielbericht is just a little over half complete, although no one actually knows for sure. Or has any desire whatsoever to find out as the atmosphere in the Production Room might fairly be categorized as ‘quite phenomenally depressed, indeed’. Surely, then, things can only get better.

Sooner or later.

Kopf hoch!



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