Nicht Gut Genug – Noch Einmal!


Ja, bin ich sehr traurig heute. Vollstaendig todungluecklich. Auch ein bischen veraergert.

Wieviele Torchancen eine Mannschaft tut, moechten vergeuden?

Zweiter in der Bundesliga. Zweiter im D.F.B. Pokalfinale. Und noch wieder im Endspiel des Champions Leagues …

Immer zweiter Platz. Dass ist die Geschichte fuer Bayern Muenchen dieses Jahr. Es macht kein Spass, der Bericht zu schreiben.

Gluecklicherweise ist dieses Saison jetzt vorbei!




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4 responses to “Nicht Gut Genug – Noch Einmal!

  1. Matt Boone

    I still can not believe they lost…. They dominated Chelsea… I hope I do not start crying again.


      start again? … hell, it’s monday morning and i’m still waiting to stop! … this is the worst, ever 😦

      • Matt

        On a plus side… they pretty much will keep all their key players this year correct? The swiss kid joins and Dante? Now sure how much of a help dante will be…


        The Swiss kid XHERDAN SHAQIRI has talent to be sure. But he is a winger and Bayern Munich already have three world-class wingers in Ribery, Robben and Mueller — so I’m not sure how much of a difference he will be making, particulary right away … As for DANTE, I do think that his arrival would constitute an upgrade in overall quality on the backline, particularly in the air — but I also think that if Dante was all that and a bag of chips he would be a Brazil international by now (he is 28 years old).

        There are no plus sides. There is only second place. Second place is fine for some people/clubs and, perhaps, that is all really Bayern Munich are. Perhaps everyone needs to stop acting like Bayern Munich is a great and world-famous club because the fact of the matter is great clubs need trophies on a consistent basis — or they are not great clubs!

        The New York Yankees did not get to be world-famous and the most successful team in the history of professional baseball by finishing second all the time … it really is that simple.

        But, whatever. Utterly embarrassing, allowing Drogba to equalize so late after working so very, very hard to take the lead. A complete disgrace, to become the first team ever to host the European Cup / Champions League Final — and LOSE! Thoroughly disheartening, to speak nothing of demoralizing.

        Do you know anyone who wants to write the Match Report, hunt the pictures for the traditional Goal Gallery and not tell obnoxious FC Chelsea exactly where they can stick that massive trophy?

        I sure as hell don’t — besides, I am scheduled to attend a very important lecture right after work on the values of Sportsmanship and why Mediocrity is a noble endeavor to be celebrated because it promotes Fairness and Justice for all. Looking forward to it …