Are You Ready For Some Christmas Football?


Because the overwhelming vast majority of Americans know little and care even less about international “soccer”, it should be alright to blatantly steal from Hank Williams, Jr., the popular country signer not welcome anymore by the Progressive Liberal losers at the world-wide ESPN network. Back in 1976, we here in the United States were busy commemorating our 200th birthday all across this formerly great but now, apparently, guilty land. But to the north in the country Benedict Arnold once tried (and failed) to conquer during the American Revolution, there was a grand football tournament going on at the Summer Olympics in Montreal.

This Christmas season, having successfully flouted all Canadian immigration regulations, the blog is hosting a massive, politically-incorrect “Holiday” (ha ha) football history party with what we are calling “OCCUPY MONTREAL”. All, regardless of any and all incidentals such as race, color, political or religious inclination, etc., are more than welcome to attend. The blog will publish the lyrics to “O Tannenbaum” (in German) in time for festive singing, so there will be no need for anyone on Earth to feel left out or otherwise have anything important to complain about.

For the record, the blog does not really give a damn if the UK Telegraph writes articles about scientists at Simon Fraser University in Canada suggesting “Christmas Trees ‘Make Non-Christians Feel Excluded'” (12/20/2010) but the company staff of the English newspaper can still attend our retro football affair, if they so desire.


LEONID BREZHNEV (left) of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and ERICH HOENECKER of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik react after receiving their invitations to the “Occupy Montreal” Christmas extravaganza.

With the most sincere spirit embodying this special Christmas time of year, all of your favorite contemporary Socialist/Marxist strongmen from the memorable era have been cordially invited to help celebrate their favorite Olympic football teams at the 1976 Summer Games.

So, stop on by and say hello. The Communist dictators and other apparatchiks of yesteryear on the guest list have even all promised to play nice and not to be publically critical of the disastrous financial condition with respect to the crumbling European Union! Yes, it should be a merry “Holiday” party, indeed.


1979 – Iranian “students” diligently studying hard for mid-term final exams outside while carefully guarding their 52 American hostages held against their will inside of the overrun United States Embassy in the capital city of Tehran.

As a special Christmas present to any Iranian Islamic fundamentalist students planning on attending the blog’s “Occupy Montreal” “Holiday” bash, and for security reasons, as well, it was decided to not invite MOHAMMAD REZA PAHLLAVI, a.k.a. the SHAH of IRAN.

Barring any hostage crisis or other distasteful terrorist takeover, the blog plans to “broadcast” the 1976 Gold Medal Match from the Olympic Stadium in Montreal for the sheer delight of all.

Happy Christmas!


FIDEL CASTRO (left) of Cuba and GENERAL WOJCIECH JARUZELSKI of Poland eagerly anticipate the blog’s historical report of the results for Group C in the first round of the football tournament at the 1976 Summer Olympic Games hosted by the iconic French-Canadian city of Montreal.



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2 responses to “Are You Ready For Some Christmas Football?

  1. O Tannenbaum…. I remember people speaking that.. Good article


      Having a smashing time up north here “OCCUPYING MONTREAL” while retroactively digging the football tournament at the 1976 Summer Olympic games. Remember, I will be publishing the lyrics (in German) so no one has ANY (adequate) cause to feel left out! 🙂

      Don’t forget to watch the ENTIRE film of the Gold Medal Match featuring POLAND v EAST GERMANY being shown at this blog on Christmas Day … FROHE WEIHNACHTEN!!!