Raducanu’s Restriction

Thirty years ago, Romania international midfielder MARCEL RADUCANU, who had been chosen the domestic Footballer of the Year in 1980, was forced as a result of existing policy to sit out the entire 1981/82 football campaign by F.I.F.A., the Swiss-based ruling body of the sport in the world, after fleeing from the notorious Nicolae Ceausescu’s workers paradise while out of the country on a pre-season tour of West Germany with army club Steaua Bucharest in the summer of 1981.

The whole story of the attacking midfielder’s defection, as well as the video highlight of his memorable goal for Romania against England in the World Cup qualifier at the Stadionul National in Bucharest, is documented in more detail at this blog with the prveious article :


Ironically enough, Romania international midfielder MARCEL RADUCANU finished his playing career in 1990 with Swiss first division side FC Zurich in the very same city that has long served as the headquarters for FIFA.


Talented midfielder MARCEL RADUCANU, who earned 21 caps and scored three goals for the national team of Romania in his career, spent nine years with Steaua Bucharest (above) after making his first division debut at the age of 18 during the 1972/73 season and scored a career-high 23 goals in 33 league contests for the army club over the course of the 1979/80 campaign.

Raducanu’s Bundesliga Record

82/83 — 26 ga 9 go — Borussia Dortmund
83/84 — 26 ga 8 go — Borussia Dortmund
84/85 — 25 ga 7 go — Borussia Dortmund
85/86 — 29 ga 4 go — Borussia Dortmund
86/87 — 32 ga 3 go — Borussia Dortmund
87/88 — 25 ga 0 go — Borussia Dortmund


The traditional team photograph for Bundesliga club BORUSSIA DORTMUND taken just just prior to the start of the 1982/83 football season features Schwarzgelben first choice EIKE IMMEL (front row, third from left), the third string goalkeeper on the West Germany squad which reached the Final at the 1982 FIFA World Cup tournament in Spain before falling to Italy, in addition to a pair of noteworthy political refugees who had managed to escape from behind the Iron Curtain.

Midfielder MIROSLAV “Mirko” VOTAVA (back row, far left) had been born in the capital of Czechoslovakia and began his career in the youth team of the contemporary domestic powerhouse, army club VTJ Dukla Prague, before defecting with his parents at the age of 12 during the turbulent period known as the Prague Spring in 1968; shortly after the above team photo was shot, Votava, who earned five caps for West Germany in his career, was sold by Borussia Dortmund to Spanish La Liga side Atletico Madrid for what was then a club record 1.3 million of Deutsche Mark.

Still a few months shy of his 28th birthday, midfielder MARCEL RADUCANU (middle row, fourth from left) is now finally free to play football again after serving a one-year suspension from FIFA although, in the end, Borussia Dortmund did have to pay 2.Bundesliga side Hannover 96 half a million Deutsche Mark after the eager Romania international originally signed two contracts to play professionally in the West.


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