1972 Olympic Games : Black September In Munich


To borrow an English football phrase, it was supposed to be a ‘big day out’ for an anxious and eager entire nation.

The 1972 SUMMER OLYMPIC GAMES hosted by the well-known Bavarian city of MUNICH was supposed to be the wonderful opportunity to show the entire world that the Austrian Adolf Hitler and his horrific Nazi Party were a complete aberration, albeit a thoroughly destructive one with a lasting and crippling legacy. The chance to demonstrate clearly that the sort of scenes that prevailed at the Berlin Olympics staged by Hitler and his minions just 36 years prior were totally a thing of the past, that this was, indeed, still the cultured and civilized place that had produced people like Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press, or Ludwig von Beethoven, the famed composer and pianist.

But, from what became abundantly and abhorrently apparent, a certain militant Palestinian terrorist group with ties to future Nobel Peace Prize winner YASSIR ARAFAT’s Fatah organization, never got the proverbial memo.



Instead, the infamous outfit appropriately known as BLACK SEPTEMBER baldly decided to rain blood down upon the German sport parade and took ruthless advantage of security at the Olympic Village, which was intentionally lax as a direct result of the impact that World War II had imposed on Deutschland.

Two Israeli Olympic team members were shot and killed in cold blood as the Palestinian thugs dressed in athletic track suits stormed the targeted apartment building. The worst, however, was yet to come although more detailed accounts can be better found elsewhere. Suffice to say the West German authorities concerned were completely unprepared for this situation, the local Munich police were specifically untrained if not more than a little unnerved by the ordeal and the West German military with its professional sharp-shooting snipers were strictly prohibited by law from getting involved.

In the end, eleven Israeli Olympic team personnel and one West German police officer were dead at the hands of vicious Palestinian terrorists consciously engaged in appalling, at-any-price pursuit of political goals … much like the Nazis used to do, it shall be noted here.




David BERGER ———————– Israel Olympic weightlifter
Anton FLIEGERBAUER ——— West German policeman
Ze’ev FRIEDMAN ——————- Israel Olympic weightlifter
Yossef GUTFREUND ————- Olympic wrestling referee from Israel
Eliezer HALFIN ———————- Israel Olympic wrestler
Yossef ROMANO ——————– Israel Olympic weightlifter
Amitzur SHAPIRO —————— Israel Olympic track coach
Keyhat SHORR ———————– Israel Olympic shooting coach
Mark SLAVIN ————————- Israel Olympic wrestler
Andre SPITZER ———————- Israel Olympic fencing coach
Yakov SPRINGER —————— Olympic weightlifting referee from Israel
Moshe WEINBERG —————– Israel Olympic wrestling coach

(“Gutfreund” translated literally from German means “good friend”)

ANKIE SPITZER, wife of slain Israel Olympic fencing team coach ANDRE SPITZER, surveys the wreckage inside the apartment where the murdering Palestinian terrorists held their hostages before slaughtering the remainder of the unfortunate lot at the Fuerstenfeldbruck Airport; the circles on the wall mark bullet holes for the investigators.


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