Bad Guys Go Down…Again

FC St.Pauli of Hamburg supporters proudly display their flag, in club colors, naturally, of Marxist revolutionary thug CHE GUEVARA — who famously helped oppressive Communist dictator FIDEL CASTRO violently claim control of Cuba in the 1950s — during the big derby match with SV Hamburg earlier this fall at the Millerntor Stadion in northern Germany. (Reuters photo)

So much for the Kult Club, “der Freudenhaus der Liga” (the Brothel of the League), against historical German powerhouse Bayern Munich in Bavaria this weekend.

For Diversity purposes in the Bundesliga, it is hoped that FC St. Pauli will be relegated at the end of the season!

(Tee hee)

Good thing FC St. Pauli of Hamburg do not have membership in the English Premier League. Otherwise, the F.A. would have no other choice but to charge this Stanislawski fellow with improper conduct for bringing the game into disrepute. What, with the way this clown costumes himself and all at the touchline.

Sport coats with the team emblem sewn on the front pocket look sharp and are the coolest by far, but not necessarily required…for the coach who chooses to not be so formal, the standard and traditional tracksuit adorned at training sessions is a perfectly suitable option.

By the way, whose idea was it to select brown for the club’s primary color?

No wonder FC St. Pauli never, ever win anything and are quite literally a yo-yo club.


Perhaps sensing the hammering his team will take at the blog read literally all around the world, FC St. Pauli coach HOLGER STANISLAWSKI — who some might say dresses like an absolute doofus who has lost his way from a wine and cheese gathering with some left-wing fruitcake Limosuine Liberals — holds his head in his hands during his club’s heavy 3-0 defeat by Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena in southern Germany. (Michael Dalder/Reuters)


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