Viennese Stadia Confusion Requires Correction

The linesman spots an infraction of the rules and raises his flag accordingly during the 295th Viennese Derby between visiting SK Rapid Vienna and intra-city arch-rival FK Austria Vienna at the FRANZ HORR STADION in the capital city of Austria. (Robert Zolles/Reuters)

Hard to remember exactly what went wrong, then. Perhaps this is all a conspiracy to make the blog look bad. For not reporting more on the Austrian Bundesliga, of course.

Whatever the case — time for some correction.

The home ground of FK AUSTRIA WIEN, as it has been since 1973, is the FRANZ HORR STADION of Vienna and this is where the 295th Viennese Derby with SK Rapid Wien was contested on Sunday.

In the past, the Viennese Derby has been staged from time to time at the arena much larger than either home ground of the participating two arch-rivals, the old Praterstadion which has been known as the ERNST HAPPEL STADION since 1992.

But that was not the case today.

The blog has actually received requests for pictures of the Franz Horr Stadion in the past; that, combined with this weekend’s confusion, probably warrants a report with respect to stadia in the historical and cultural city of Vienna in the near future.

As for the 295th Viennese Derby itself — soccer in the snow with a surprising result!


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