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Caring FC Barcelona goalkeeper VICTOR VALDES demonstrates genuine compasion for FC Copenhagen’s downed DAME N’DOYE and the Senegalese striker’s tragic inability to adequately pay attention to where he is going on the football pitch during the UEFA Champions League match on November 2 at Parken in the capital city of Denmark. (Bob Strong/Reuters)

Where are the supporters of FC St. Pauli of Hamburg when their presence and skill at protest is really required?

The inhumanity and injustice of it all, that is. This embarrassing stain on The Beautiful Game, then. The destruction and victimization.

Hell, any average ordinary lunatic left-wing, fruitcake-whacko Progressive Liberal will do.

Wonderfully comical, then, all the articles about the internet commenting on the supposed “Kung Fu Tackle” by FC Barcelona goalkeeper VICTOR VALDES on FC Copenhagen’s unfortunate Senegalese striker DOME N’DOYE during the recent UEFA Champions League game in Denmark.

First thing that comes to mind would be the one and only legend himself, Number One Super Guy, Hanna-Barbera cartoon character HONG KONG PHOOEY, who actually maintained his anonymity from his true superhero status by posing as a janitor in a police station.

Funny, then, that the core function of the person standing between the sticks for a football match is to keep the sheet clean.



Anyway, not that anybody actually LIKES Spanish goalkeepers or anything — certainly not supporters of underachieving Liverpool (not to mention Arsenal) and particularly ones from the pretenders to the throne FC Barcelona — but someone needs to make a stand.

The video is actually quite clear. The FC Copenhagen striker does become disoriented and has lost his way while looking back over his shoulder in his genuine efforts to track down the ball the ball and score a goal. Meanwhile, for the Spain World Cup champion goalkeeper in the FC Barcelona net, the situation does, indeed, appear menacing.

And, in fact, Valdes does play the ball first.

The esteemed Scottish manager of English Premier League club Manchester United, SIR ALEX FERGUSON, recently stated that, back in his day, a player needed to hit another over the head with a hatchet to earn a booking.

As it should be. Sir Alex knows it. Skirts are surplus to requirements.

Italy World Cup goalkeeper WALTER ZENGA once said that when he concedes a goal, he feels like someone has broken into his house and stolen everything he owns.

With that in mind, the long ball is played to the top of the box and the formidable striker from FC Copenhagen is on the prowl looking to poach a goal. Valdes is just minding his own business. After all, the Spanish goalkeeper has rights to the ball, too, it should be remembered.

What would the average blog reader do if, while sitting at home looking at the clip of N’Dome and Valdes, a burglar suddenly appeared in the house?

What would Hong Kong Phooey do?


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