Cowardice Under Fire Gives Rapid Vienna Late Victory

With the game on the line in time added on, SV Kapfenberg goalkeeper RAPHAEL WOLF flinches his head as Rapid Vienna’s Holland international striker JAN VENNEGOOR of HASSELINK (10) fires the winning-goal in the 94th minute at the Gerhard Hanappi Stadion in the capital city of Austria. (Reuters photo)

The record holder with 32 national championships to its credit, SK RAPID VIENNA were in desperate need of a victory having lost its last three Bundesliga games on the trot and six games in a row including all Cup competitions.

Thanks to a piece of inept and cowardly goalkeeping from the SV KAPFENBERG netminder, the Green-Whites got just that over the weekend with a last-minute winner from embattled Holland international striker JAN VENNEGOOR of HESSELINK.

Ironically enough, poor goalkeeping by Rapid Vienna actually afforded SV Kapfenberg the early lead when the rather routine shot of midfielder MARKUS FELFERNIG squeezed under and past 36-year-old veteran RAIMUND HEDL in the 10th minute.

Two goals from Albania international striker HAMDI SALIHI looked to have given Rapid Vienna a 2-2 draw with the visitors to the Gerhard Hanappi Stadion when the Dutchman Vennegoor of Hesselink latched onto a rebound in overtime to score his second goal in as many Bundesliga games for Die Gruen-Weissen.

No, the rebound that fell to Vennegoor of Hesselink was certainly not the easiest play to make. However, there is no excuse for not squaring the shoulders with the shooter, building a wall with the body and facing the palms of the hands to the would-be goal-scorer. Turning the head at the moment of truth, as the photo presented reveals, is not the best way to be remembered as the greatest goalkeeper of all time, either.


Rapid Vienna players mob the game-winning goal-scorer against SV Kapfenberg at the Gerhard Hanappi Stadion, JAN VENNEGOOR of HESSELINK, who is reportedly under investigation by the prosecutor of Ried for an alleged harsh tackle during the match with SV Ried last week. (Reuters photo)


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