FC St. Pauli – Further Proof From Supporters

A flag with CHE GUEVARA makes an appearance in the stands among the supporters of FC St. Pauli supporters during this weekend’s Bundesliga match with Borrussia Dortmund at the Millerntor Stadion in the north German city of Hamburg. (Reuters photo)

Well, the “HAMBURG DERBY DAY – PLENTY OF PICTURES” article from this past week (9/20/2010) proved itself to be quite popular.

So, just in case anybody out there in the Blogosphere on the Internet (invented by noted Global-Warming fruitcake activist AL GORE, as we all know) thought this blog was just kidding around with statements in the article, such as “FC St. Pauli have a certain notoriety for the left-leaning character of the team’s supporters”…

…BETWEEN THE STICKS offers further proof from the FC St. Pauli supporters, themselves.

Che Guevara, of course, was a famous Argentine Marxist Revolutionary and a major figure in the Cuban Revolution that brought iron-fisted dictator FIDEL CASTRO to power some fifty-odd years ago.

The government Ministry of the Interior Building — adorned with a steel sculpture of Che Guevara, a replica of the iconic image which was originally shot by the noted photographer Alberto Korda in 1960 — as it stands today in Havanna, the capital city of Fidel Castro’s communist Cuba nation. (Mark Scott Johnson photo)


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