Meet The New Bomber, Same As The Old Bomber

The original DER BOMBER, the one and only GERD MUELLER, is still the all-time goal-scoring king (68 goals, 62 matches) for the German national team.


There are a great many similarities between the player who just picked up the prestigous GOLDEN BOOT award at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and the man who collected the trophy exactly forty years ago at the final tournament staged in Mexico :

Both GERD and THOMAS MUELLER wore / wear shirt # 13 for Germany.

Both GERD and THOMAS MUELLER play(ed) for traditional Bundesliga power Bayern Munich.

Both GERD and THOMAS MUELLER captured the coveted honor for goal-scorers on their very first appearance at the very pinnacle of international football, the final tournament of the World Cup.

Both GERD and THOMAS MUELLER scored a goal against England, the great historical (West) German rival, at the final tournament of the World Cup on the way to the Golden Boot honors.

And, both GERD and THOMAS MUELLER secured the prize for Top Shot at the World Cup for a (West) German team that, ultimately, finished in third place having defeated Uruguay in the consolation game.

It remains to be seen if Thomas, like Gerd, will have the opportunity to claim what is THE most important prize on offer his second time out at the FIFA World Cup…

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