M & M = Spain Steals Germany’s Candy

Germany midfielder SAMI KHEDIRA (6) of Vfb Stuttgart slide-tackles the ball away from Spain midfielder PEDRO (18) of FC Barcelona during the 2010 World Cup semi-final at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, South Africa.

After all these years, the stupid American Main Stream Media still does not know a damn thing about soccer.

Here is an amusing piece from KEVIN BAXTER of the LOS ANGELES TIMES printed in the local comedy act calling itself a paper, THE MORNING CALL, today :


First thing the clueless Baxter can do to help himself out is not pay any attention to what a coach says after a game. Memo to the gullible Baxter : Of course, German coach JOACHIM LOEW will take the high road after the match and say things like his tactics were poor.

If Baxter had half a brain, he would have seen the German tactics were spot on.

Since Baxter does not, we will help him out and explain Germany lost. It was, after all, rather obvious to anybody with an inkling of how things work with interanational football.

As is often the case, the game was lost in midfield. In this specific case, the center. Basically, German midfielder BASTIEN SCHWEINSTEIGER of Bayern Munich had to play against three accomplished, veteran Spainards — ANDRES INIESTA, XAVI and XABI ALONSO — all by himself.

This was because the two other central midfielders for Germany — the darling of the American Progressive Liberal media, 21-year-old MESUT OEZIL of Werder Bremen, and 23-year-old SAMI KHEDIRA of Vfb Stuttgart — were essentially missing in action all evening long.

Clearly, the two youthful and inexperienced players were overwhelmed with the occasion of a World Cup semi-final. Oezil had a poor game passing the ball and looked rather eager to rush things with disastrous results. Khedira, more of a defensive-oriented player, was unable to establish himself as a consistent ball-winner in the center of the park.

The good news is that this was a valuable learning experience and better days for Germany will arrive for the youngsters.

One could easily be tempted to wonder what might have been if MICHAEL BALLACK had been on hand to help the team retain just a bit more possession — but the recent Bayer Leverkusen signing was injured prior to the tournament and so it is incumbent on the replacements following in his footsteps, as so many have done for Germany in World Cups past, to raise their game to meet all requirements.

The other main problem mentioned nowhere in the nit-wit Baxter’s article would be the suspension of German right wing THOMAS MUELLER of Bayern Munich which was, of course, a major story.

It should be rememberd that not only had the influential Mueller scored four goals at the 2010 World Cup to put himself among the tournament leaders in South Africa, the 20-year-old up and coming star also was credited with three assists on goals by other players for Germany, as well.

Anyone who watched for more than two minutes at the World Cup in South Africa understood Germany was a team that liked to attack interchangeably down BOTH flanks. Against Spain in the semi-final, German play was predictably titled towards LUKAS PODOLSKI of 1.FC Koeln on the left. And the Spanish were more than able to anticipate that and be prepared with tactics of their own.

There was no question Germany gave away far too much possesion to Spain and, when finally on the ball, were far too impatient playing a lot of hopeful, route one stuff.

Still, Germany certainly had a few opportunities of their own while the game was scoreless and, by all means, one second-half goal from a set-piece, with a centerback being allowed a decisive free header, does not a Spanish Armada make.

Somebody really should let Baxter know.


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